Maria Kyrvei und Hans Loka „Modal Music from Eastern Mediterranean“

Aufführung: Montag 15. April
Beginn: 19.30 Uhr
Eintrittspreise:  25.- / 15.-
Abendkasse und Bar: 1 Stunde vor Beginn Tel 044 251 22 80

A musical performance weaving a Collection of compositions spanning from the Pre-Ottoman to the Classical and Modern period based on the forms of Pesrev, Saz Semai, Oyun Havasi, originating from the broader eastern Mediterranean region.
Through the harmonious interplay between the “Plectrum“ and the “Bow”, the improvisation (Taksim) and by utilising several Modal phenomena (Makam), this particular arrangement, aims to convey an individual’s emotional journey of self-healing and acceptance.

Maria Kyrvei, Violin & Cello
Hans Loka, Oud